The biggest reason to use ‘seller financing’ (which by the way comes in many forms, think of the sky as being the limit) verses using ‘traditional financing’ is because the buyer need not meet all the qualifications and requirements that traditional financing imposes on the buyer AND seller.


traditional financing… buyer MUST meet certain qualifications

When a buyer uses traditional financing to purchase a property, that buyer MUST meet certain qualifications such as but not limited to, credit score, employment history, tax returns, debt to income verification and proof of income. Martavis Bryant Jersey
Also the bank or lender will determine the down payment and decide whether one receives the loan or not based on whether or not the property will be ‘owner occupied’. In getting a traditional loan Joel Bitonio Womens Jersey
a specific down payment percentage amount will be required and the property MUST appraise in accord with a lender’s stringent guide-lines.


With seller financing NONE of these items are ‘needed’

With seller financing NONE of these items are ‘needed’ to make a deal happen. With seller financing any of these items may or may not be used or may be adjusted as determined by both the buyer and seller as it fits their needs.

Also ‘big’ on the reasons to using seller financing verses traditional financing is due to the benefits the seller can receive. The problem though is that many sellers haven’t taking the time to examine these benefits. Some sellers feel that they don’t want to become ‘the bank’ and sell their home by way of seller financing.


as a seller you have an additional benefit banks don’t have

Well look at it this way. Do you remember when you asked your parents for money and their response to you was, ‘what, do you think I’m a bank?’ Well our parents were telling us something, but some of us simply weren’t listening. They were telling Todd Davis Youth Jersey
us who has the money… the banks! I mean who wouldn’t want to be ‘the bank’! Banks get all their money by lending and then receiving many payments above and beyond the principle. This is known as interest! And as a Stacy McGee Jersey
seller you have an additional benefit banks don’t have. When a bank ‘loans’ a person money toward the purchase of a home the bank in Authentic Duron Harmon Jersey
most cases really loans the money, whereas you the seller don’t ‘loan’ anyone any money! Instead it’s the buyer Authentic Eric Dickerson Jersey
who gives you money in the form of a down payment and then continues to pay you every month until Patrick Willis Jersey
the end of the term agreed upon. It doesn’t get much better than that!


many reasons to buy and sell with seller financing… the sky’s the limit’

There are so many reasons to buy and sell Alex Lewis Youth Jersey
with seller financing, as mentioned ‘the sky’s the limit’. If your needs can be adjusted to meet the other party’s needs then it won’t be long until you may hear, ‘we have a deal’! So start thinking outside of the ‘traditional’ box. Start doing the numbers to see what the possibilities are. So whether you’re a buyer or seller remember you can ask a seller financing expert for their help by clicking the ‘ask an agent’ button.