Many Sellers think of Seller Financing only as a poor alternative to regular financing, but the truth be told it is often the most desirable Bradley Pinion Youth Jersey
way for a Seller to increase their profits and ongoing returns from the sale of an asset.


Let’s look at just a few of the advantages:

1. Generally a Higher Sales Price… Buyers will often pay a premium price for Seller Financed Properties

2. Higher Returns… Because a Seller assists in the financing, their financial return is increased, they continue to get a higher interest rate on their money and potentially on someone else’s money as well

3. Quicker Closing Times… Since there are no Banks to deal with Escrows close quicker and with fewer hassles

4. Well Known and better Control of Your Investment Monies… You know the asset where your money is invested better than anyone, there is no guessing or lack of control about where Yunel Escobar Womens Jersey
your monies are invested

5. Consistent Higher than Market Authentic Demaryius Thomas Jersey
Yield… the return on your investment dollars generally is at substantively higher yield than if your money where simply sitting in a Bank or some other financial vehicles that offers low returns.


It’s based on your own personal circumstances.

And frankly the list of advantages goes on and on, but Jerrell Freeman Youth Jersey
they are really based on your own personal circumstances. Is Grant Hill Womens Jersey
Seller Financing the answer for everyone? NO. But it certainly isn’t just a 2nd choice, often it should be Mike Tolbert Jersey
the first choice!


Professional Assistance

Are there any disadvantages? Yes, Seller Financing isn’t for everyone. You need professional assistance with a competent Realtor who knows Seller Financing, and likely the advice of your Accountant and/or your Attorney. That’s why we’re here, to help you with the resources you need to decide if Seller Financing is Brian Leetch Youth Jersey
the right choice for You.


Get Help K.J. Wright Jersey

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